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Insurance and coverage, deposits
All our hire cars are insured. The hirer is given the benefit of this coverage subject to the conditions of hire. There is a collision damage liability (CDL) in the amount of the security deposit with the above rates in an accident with another vehicle. This collision damage waiver (CDW) is included in daily rates. Hirers are reminded that overhead, interior, underbody, windscreen & tyre damage howsoever caused is always at the hirers risk.
Security Deposit of 500 USD for economy and compact size cars, 700 USD for Mid size and full size sedans, 1000 USD for SUV’s and Vans

Weekend rentals
For weekend rates, the rental must be picked up between 4:00 PM and 06:00 PM on Friday with return of the vehicle on Monday till 11.00 AM. The charge is for 2 days only. Unlimited milage for all types of vehicles apply.

Unlimited Miles
Unlimited mileage applies to all the rentals exceeding 3 days. Otherwise the limit of 350 km per day apply.

Rental Extension
The Renter has the first right to prolong the initial term of the contract informing the company at least 24 hours in advance.

Gasoline Refueling
Our policy for refueling gas is very simple. Please return the vehicle with the same gasoline level as when you took the vehicle. The fuel level amount will be printed on your Car Rental contract. If you return it with less gasoline, we will charge you $2.00/litter. So, please check your gas level before returning the vehicle.

Additional Equipment: GPS/Baby seats/Power inverters RENTALS

TIRES AND RIMS Damage/Spare Tire and Jack
Each one of Sun Service’s Rent A Car vehicle is equipped with a spare tire and a jack and lug wrench. It is the sole responsibility of the renter to replace the tire with the spare provided in case of a flat tire. We do not give flat tire replacement service. The renter is also responsible for the cost of the replacement tire. Unfortunately there is sometimes road hazard, but we cannot assume responsibility for the damage caused to the tires and rims. Please drive carefully and be aware of streets ahead of you.

Unauthorized Repairs
NO repairs of any kind, no matter how large or small may be done to the rental vehicle without approval of the management. If a repair is done without approval, the renter will be fully responsible for any and all additional repair work that might be needed in order to properly repair the rental vehicle and to bring it back to its pre-rental condition.

Monthly rentals
Our Monthly rates being calculate as 4 weeks rentals. 30 days will be charged as 4 Weeks plus 2 days.

No cancellations fee if notified 48 hours before actual rent starts. Otherwise 1 day rental fee will be charged.
So please, if you must cancel your reservation, call/send notification in advance.
Thanks for your cooperation

If the change/cancellation of the rental is notified 48 hours in advance refund for the remained unused rental period is guaranteed.

Management Override
In some cases when renting a car or a VAN, the customer might have needs or concerns regarding one or more of our policies. This is understandable. So, Sun Services car rental we are here to help. One of the Owners or Managers is always available to speak with you and if need be override or change a policy to meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our concern.

Car color or Model
We will always try to give you a specific color or model of a car or Van, but we cannot guarantee that a specific car will be available. You will however get the correct car in the car class you reserved. Please specify your preferences in your order form and we will do our best to meet them.

Minimum Notice Reservation
During high season periods and weekends(Friday-Monday),(starting April and through September reservations should be made at least 48 hours before pick up time in order for your reservation to be valid. If reserving less than 48 hours in advance, please call our office and confirm the reservation with our agent. We will do our best to provide you a vehicle you requested.

Summons Payment Responsibility
The renter is fully and totally responsible for any parking, traffic etc. summonses during the time of the rental.

Driving Area
Througout Ukraine. No border crossing is allowed with our vehicles.

Direct Billing and Company Account Accepted
Direct Billing and Company Account accepted only if a Corporate account has been
established with us. Please email us your company info

RENT BY THE HOUR (Hourly VAN Rentals)
Tuesday-Wed-Thursday ( limited availability in high season and Friday Monday )
Rent by the hour a 8 Passenger Van or Cargo Van

Driving license
US, Canada, EU and CIS countries, international driver’s licenses are accepted. Please call our office if any concern.

Additional Driver
Two drivers per contract at no extra charge

Age Requirements
Drivers are to be a minimum age of 21 years old, having had at least 3 years licensed driving experience.

Deposit Requirements
Security Deposit of 500 USD for economy and compact size cars, 700 USD for Mid size and full size sedans, 1000 USD for SUV’s and Vans is required during the rental period.
Deposit can be made by cash or major credit cards Visa Mastercard, Amex

Payment Methods
Payment can be made by cash or major credit cards Visa/Mastercard, Amex.

One-Way Rentals
One way rentals available at the certain locations. Please specify your preferred one way pickup/drop off location in your order form and the fee will be reflected in your reservation quote.

Rental duration
Rental day period is 24 hours, extra hours are 1/5 daily rate until daily rate is reached. Additional options charge at daily rate after 24 hours. Any change of plans including requests to extend must be notified to our office in advance.

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